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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silent Powerful Intelligence in the Shadow

It has always mysterious to people on how one in a non-favorable conditions manage to achieve a lot from just a twitch of effort on them. The thing I am talking about started when I was still in my primary years, at time when I had very few people to rely on or maybe just did not want to rely on anyone, but as like that I always performed well at school without and even on the streets of course. It bored me all the time then was very close interaction; it seemed to get in the way of everything I stand for as an individual and the maximum of my abilities.

University, university is extra different compared to my past, here the main rule is “adapt or die” I got to say if you work alone, you will not make it through your studies. Something that just makes me wonder a lot is the fact that since I have been here, I did not work hand in hand with any group and I have been performing averagely and it remained in my mind that what if I had a group would it have increased my knowledge and the answer is Yes! For the couple weeks before exams I have engaged with some guys so we could practice thing together and as result it boosted my morality.

The heading of this blog was about me, me making great achievements without  any major help but since for sometimes I watched my sprit gradually decreasing and I did nothing about it, that amazing skills I had dying. My energy becoming weak, week by week. My motive being washed away by all the sadness. My achievements becoming trash on my face.

I would die if I let my life die before my eyes, and I can never let anything stand in May way, disturbing my goals. My dreams may be more but I am going to struggle for the best, let every aspect of me succeed in every way. I will not let my name to be in the middle of other names. That is why I did not sleep until I find a new skill in me everyday. Shining my shoes and making a big change in my life. Let all who believe in me be priced with honor and those who under-estimate me respect my abilities. I have released my Silent Powerful Intelligence in the shadow.