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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me and My first Interview

This was one of the most internal interviews I ever had in my life; I mean I did lot presentations and expo but never an interview. Here is what happened; I was with this friend of mine on about the fact that we missed interviews for the mentorship programme due to the exam period going on, we decided to approach the officers for CAE (at B-Block) then they allocated dates which we should check in. we reached there today (Wednesday 10th Nov 2010) and they came with option to interview us at once, I started first. I was confidence and active, I answered the questioned as I can in about 20 minutes it was done then I was told to wait outside while they interview the other guy. The moment alone outside started creating inner emotional consent, I mean I was really getting inpatient and scared too. For him it did not take long then we waited while they calculated our results. The moment of silence came into place when the return words are supposed to be released. The guy who interviewed said the he have the good new and the bad news, asking which to start with first, I replied “good” but he decided to trick us first but finally saying that we made it, we are appointed to be 2011 mentors.