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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Helping Hand (Charity/Donation)

34Last Year I Did Certain Stuff  In Order To Give My Service To Those Who Need It, Like Donating Blood To The South African Blood Service (SABS) And Also Entering Into A Fashion Show That Raised Money For Donation. By Then I Felt I Did Not Do Much But It's Disappointing To Me That This Year I Was Not Able To Do Even One Recognizable Thing Tho I'm Mentoring Voluntarily. Well Now I Am Starting On My Helping Hand Campaign and I Would Also Like Anyone Who Has Any Plans To  Do A Service and Need Help To Count Me In , My E-Mail Is ( And I Will Be More Than Pleased To Help. I Also Encourage You All Out There To Do The Same.


Today Early at Around 2 pm I Was Walking On The Campus To My Room Alone, From A Friend's Room (Watching Movies). I Just Had This Weird Feeling Along The Way and It Just Got Into My Mind Of How Dangerous It Is Walking Off Camp and How It Can Also Get Walking Alone Even On Campus. Suddenly Was Thinking About That I Saw This Other Drunken Guy Walking (Don't Know From Where To Where), Tho He Was A Bit Far From He Greeted Me With A Scared Voice, Just Wondered  If All Past Stories I Heard About The Campus Stories Like Ghosts, Robbery, Assaults, Rape, Explicit Sex, Murder and More, Like What If I Become A Victim Of One Of Them? Well My Point Is That Walking Alone At Nights On Campus Is Certainly Not Convenient and Can Be Very Dangerous.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Campus Alone

Staying Here During or After Exams Can Become A Awkward and Lonely Experience. Is As If The World Is Gonna End For You. I Feel Shame For Those Who Are Going To Supplement Their Examination, And Also Wish The Best For Them. Not To Forget Talking About Emotions Which Leaves Me Feeling  Desperate For A Decent Company, Man That's So Not Cool. Like They Say Campus Is Interesting Without Books Not Without People.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


From This Month Growing Clever, Growing Advance and Growing Strong. I AM Doing Something, I am a VUMA! Campus Champ!!!!

Bloggin As Deal.

Ok Yeah, I Always Did Blogging In Vuma Portal but i Never Really Discovered The Power Of It, Release My Emotions By Talking, Well Now Its Changed Writing Thats The Thing Watch It & Also Try It, Its Good Very Good.

Skiping Exams

Difficult To Skip Your Exam Sessions, Similar Situation When This Other Dude Who Was Writing The Next Day and He Cross Nighted, The Slept at 6 Am and Woke at 10 Am While He Was Supposed To Be Writing At 8:30 Am, That's Hard. My Hard Situation Is Not Qualifying To Get In The Exam Room. Pains A lot I Could Cry, Actually I Did Once.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shine Like The Stars

I Wrote This For You, Read It and Have A Peace Of Mind. It's Worth it.

Life, life is enormously slow and short or conversely fast and long.
It spins around like the planets we all live on.
It’s full of happiness and sadness; love and hatred.
Doubts and wonders are our daily objectives.
Meantime the truth remains hidden beneath shadows.

Challenges and experiences create step-forward progress to the days of our lives.
Days are gracefully given and unexpectedly withdrawn.
It’s amazing, how we arise and frigtening how we end.
Still is right to expect the worse while hoping and praying for the best.

There is a greater destination to our existence
That explains the vision we imagine.
How the flexibility of our minds fluctuate.
Every day we discover new opportunities
But change our indigenous habitant.
Therefore enforcing survival of the fittest to occur.

All the frustration and confusion we approach as human species.
The secret to our success is to never surrendering to our worse fears
But consider and cope with the current conditions.
Appreciating all the special moments we cherish the most.
Mainly explore, acquire and learn your own unique roles of life.

Take time and effort to learn in order to achieve and survive in this cumbersome world.
Shine like the stars, and then spread out wide like the universe.

Argun Chelist.