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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me and My first Interview

This was one of the most internal interviews I ever had in my life; I mean I did lot presentations and expo but never an interview. Here is what happened; I was with this friend of mine on about the fact that we missed interviews for the mentorship programme due to the exam period going on, we decided to approach the officers for CAE (at B-Block) then they allocated dates which we should check in. we reached there today (Wednesday 10th Nov 2010) and they came with option to interview us at once, I started first. I was confidence and active, I answered the questioned as I can in about 20 minutes it was done then I was told to wait outside while they interview the other guy. The moment alone outside started creating inner emotional consent, I mean I was really getting inpatient and scared too. For him it did not take long then we waited while they calculated our results. The moment of silence came into place when the return words are supposed to be released. The guy who interviewed said the he have the good new and the bad news, asking which to start with first, I replied “good” but he decided to trick us first but finally saying that we made it, we are appointed to be 2011 mentors.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Empty Bottle


Sometimes people drink as if they are rushing for bad scenarios to occur. You kinder like ask yourself what is really good about alcohol. If redirect that to me, my answer will be I DON’T KNOW. It is just at times you spend too much money drinking and even forgetting to by important things you really want. I used to drink like nobody’s business but it now good, since I don’t often. One thing I realized is that even if I though I had self control, I had no gain for what so ever. Seriously there was no massage in the bottle for me but just can not quit.

The Haunted Moments.

This is a quiet funny story but I just had to share it. Sometimes things happen at an unbelievable ways.

It was just after the recess on the middle September, few days from home and I had this crazy idea that I will forget to do something, since I might have that experience of handling my things at the campus. One day I fell asleep without knocking and it was just about 7-pm, I woke up in the middle of the night only to realize that I don’t have my keys with me. I though maybe some how it is just around and I can’t see it. In the morning before class I searched almost like every where but did not find them. When I came back from class I used rumza’s keys. Then in the middle of the day I felt asleep again. When I woke up, his keys went missing in my position. The search started but I finally found it at the side of the bed but still couldn’t find mine with in less than 30 minutes, there were lost again and the door was locked while I was inside. I did not know what to do and my phone was off, while I didn’t even have a charger. Then I started looking for a universal charger at the bag which I put my clothes, only to find my keys in there but no my room mate’s. I went out for 2 minutes and when I came back they were just at visible location. That’s when quickly left the room and came back at night. What a hell of a DAY I had. It was as if I was haunted. It is very silly of me to quickly panic when I think that something is wrong.

Young Water.

Small Waters.
Some experiences in life just seem so threatening and so unreal at good times. I am sorry but I will not explicitly write everything here since this situation was highly exclusive to me only and i was planning to keep it to myself for as long as times like this do not come. The times I need to release what has been and will always stick in my mind, as an experience, a trauma, and a real lesson.

Previous year (2009) I had a couple of downs with certain parts of my life and when I started I just though it wouldn’t hurt me that much, to excise my abilities and my emotions with just what I called “Blue Print”. But as time goes it became a real situation in my dark closet. Although at last I wasn’t deeply involved in acting on the responsibilities and real decision as I wasn’t aware of everything until it was done for.

It started as just revenge for making me have that desperate keen for years and for part of life excitement. At first I use my biological knowledge (stupid Acts), in an attempt to dodge descending the real common of it, since we have known each other for a while but then I lost count of days and ended up over pleasuring for a child of that age. After everything and the pursuing I needed space to collect my focuses and also to move on (with what was best for me) but was unfortunate for her, since life was not fair, certainly no fair.

Few months later I was on going with my daily life schedules, relaxing in another chapter (if you know what I mean), then a rumor braked the news of the year to me. In addition to that it was no longer, by then I was surprised and devastated with lot of question left. Is it true? Could it be me? Can I? Did it happen? What could have? Even now I am still shocked but sometimes relieved about it. I guess life is once and there is no time for rehearsals. I lesson learned always be careful on the decision you make before you make it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Powder Keg (Strike On Campus)

Some situations are as dangerous as they can get. That is what I like to call “powder keg”.  This blog  is more about my views and also my experiences on strikes. As you may know about the strike that happened in University of Limpopo-Turfloop campus (from 26th July 2010 to about 6 august 2010). Listen to my side of the story.

This is how it started. On the 23 July 2010 (Friday) there was a mass meeting at the campus. The agenda was hot water, Increased Fees, NSFAS Allocations and Lack of Residential Management and a memorandum was submitted.

The coming Sunday (25th July 2010) another mass meeting was posted to be held on the 30th July 2010 (Friday)and on the same day as the poster, late at about 19H30 the Power at the Campus was out until at about 03H00 on Monday. Monday Morning the posters for mass meeting on the 30th July 2010 were replaced by a mass meeting poster for that day (26th July 2010).In the meeting they were a feed back from the Vice-chancellor/Principal of the University of Limpopo.

It stated thing like the head pumps are working optimally, the increase fees was a mistake, NSFAS Allocations are still on the minister of higher education’s hands and that the residence problems is common to many South African universities. The respond did not satisfy the students, and then they decided to speed up the reaction. I remember the last words were “Comrades, is either today or never!” The march started there.
Later that day the leaders were arrested from the admin building (A-Block) Third floor was the vice-chancellor’s office is. Thing went up after then. The police were all over the place and stones were thrown at them. The housing department was also attacked by stones and all the bins on the campus were burning.

Late at about 22H00 the department of housing office were set ablaze, the reaction was high for the whole night with a common scream “Waaaaaaaaaaaar” .it took about week for everything to cool down. The SRC were suspended until further notice and charges were laid against some students.The following week-end M5 lecture hall war burnt to black. That’s when the police were even stricter to anyone walking in the academic area especially at night.

During the strike more than 200 students were arrested but released within a few days. Some were injured as the police were attacking everyone in the residences; break into their room when they are asleep. I lost my phone in the process, while running for cover and many tests were postponed, increasing the pressure. Turfloop was left leaderless and very soon the election for new SRC will start. It is said by those who were here a bit long that this was nothing compared to the one of 2007.
Everything just went down and the police evacuated the campus but the matter of the strike was not fully resolved. So the question remains, will it start again?

I'm Getting Older

I'm an uncle to another child again! That just increased my age credibility. Today my only sister just had a second child and this time is a girl. That makes it a total number of 5 kids I am uncle to and that i know of.  Talking of being old and kids, it makes me wonder when I am going to have one of my own and also reminds me of a hectic situation that I experienced last year when I was in grade 12, but I can not speak about it now. Maybe soon I will have to blog about it.Wow!  Its just Amazing How fast we grow.

The Missing Puzzle

As much as I can reflect the bright smile on my face but with acts in my aim. No matter how many friends I have around me, beside the slow brewed glory and fame. I could do anything to feel the flame.I would do anything I can to kill the pain.Always when I walk around I hear a deep voice saying “boy you have a problem, and you aren’t fooling no one but yourself, although you have some other problems but with this one you aren’t killing anyone but yourself”.

I told her Pheli if you ever do that again I don’t ever want to see you anymore.  Yes I am in love with them but I can’t be with them tomorrow or very soon, so I walk over trying to chill myself and get a couple of stew starts, but the result is just negative. I can say I want to be with them but I can’t be with ‘em all, as some may disregard my presents. Does my properties matters?

I’m trying to do it all right, I got plans but everything should go as right as it can. I got certain that it will last for life but only if it happens and as it stands. I am trying to shoot down my blinds, before it hurts. Is it just the raging though of life, I mean success?

The mass of the fact is loneliness.  You see to me is normal to have that what we call “relationship problems”, as much as I put myself on the line something’s just happens as their designated record time. I should feel packed with a lot of homies around but instead it is extra less. I so high, then I go down. I meet a lot of beauty questions as they remain, are they meant for my pleasure or torture. This is something I know but now I don’t know. Every time I find myself in that situation, I feel like could pause and play some old records again. So how do I move from  A to B, beside I have changed to soft, well that’s what my  closest friend tells me, but maybe in time, I’d finally fill the fragmented piece of the puzzle, Mara gona bjale I have a missing link in my position.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Presure as Major

I always though that the previous semester was the worst and that this second one will be less since I will have enough experience. Time is almost totally absorbed than last semester.

What I mean is that if you evaluate my courses, all requires time understand and all requires practice. In addition to everything the tests, the assignments and also the quizzes. For example in statistics you have to write a test almost about every week, plus tutorials every week. Computer Science has two parts programming and theory, both act independently since in programming they might be quiz/homework in addition tutorial and practical sessions weekly and an assignment which all acts in the same level of work, theory usually deals class tests/quizzes. Math and applied math are entitled to tutorials, quizzes, tests and practice.

So you could imagine if you were in my shoes, what if an addition comes in the way?  I guess it will have to pay off when I am working.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impression Tricks (Gain Attention)

This is just something in life which I was made aware by my friend today; do you sometimes makes sacrifices just to impress someone you feel is special? Before I come to stories let me tell you my friend’s story, I was sitting at his room today and he was holding his last R5 saying he want bye airtime but wants it to grow a bit, minutes later 3 beautiful girls came in selling sweets (lollipops) and the guy popped out the R5 and bought 2 sweets (what a waste).

A lot of people have their style or tricks to impress, I know I do. Earlier this week I was seating in the computer lab and this beautiful chick came and seat next to me and fortunately for me she had problems with logging in and that was my chance I quickly helped in my advantage, now I think she like me. I guess it worked but it always did work and I just told you my swagger.

Behind this topic there is a lot in it and some people looses money and some becomes show offs because of that, I guess that Is just the way it is.

Free But Not Free

This is my way of comparing between livings on campus or boarding and living home with family. You may realize that they are way different lives you live between those two places but can you spot your faults in links.

Firstly I would like to speak about my biggest enemy “sleeping”, although home was cold I always slept late when I was there the previous recess but here  I sleep early like a chicken, while I am waking up late just like home J.

Another is in consent of working; by working I refer to either studying or pulling up some heavy or dirty things all day long. When I am boarding I always wish to go home so that I could rest, only to find a different type of work. I mean I was supposed to cook everyday and clean the whole big house not to mention cutting trees and ripping off weeds. That I just some of the thing I have to.

Free but not free” although on boarding you have freedom and independence, you also have responsibility. You do what you like when you like to but at some point you feel locked and caged by your self. At the other hand the free you get when home aren’t the free that is called free but you get to  smell indigenous smells and don’t do anything sometimes because you know someone else will do it.
Even if you are restrict under parental control, you feel safe but that does not last; wait until that home boredom hunts you down.

Last but not least is communistic crises, I mean here there is no neighbors that are always on your situation but there is your room mate or floor mate who don’t care about what you do. To me it sometimes seems unfair when I play the music I like but having others to listen to it, having lots of friends around when someone doesn’t have any at that moment. I guess that is life and is part of growing up. Word of advise to everyone this is survival of the fittest so adapt or die, how G. Mendel and PW Potters proposed it. L

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All in All For Me (2010)

This year has been very hectic with all the world cup and me first year at university, campus life ruling on me I have to say it “it been very hectic”. I guess there a lot to say about, I mean with all the experiences I had the things I have learned so far.

First of I would like to talk about fear or you can call it anxiety, the previous semester was quiet stressing to me, regardless of me losing weight but I got to say I developed a whole new soft me. The thing in that time was trying to balance my time and duties, but with my performances I grew fearful over failing, is just that I never failed and I was just scared of experiencing that. Luckily everything ended fine, I got over that stage and I managed to pass all my courses.

World cup and Holidays at Home! It was kind of nice staying away from classes and not having to crack your self daily but I did not really enjoy home. Although I was always with my girlfriend, always not having to worry about buying, I was just not fun. Bafana played really well but ended with disappointments, I mean having a record of being the first hosting country that did not reach the second round. Another thing was home sick, I got to say I was never really healthy when I was but I was gaining weight. couple of time I went to the clinic, first was the fever as a result of weather change, my home is closer to Phalaborwa which has a hectic weather condition, secondly was my leg which had an injury for quiet some time.

Personally having to experience a disrespectful cheat by girl, which almost made me to do something I fear the most (beat a girl), and also provoke my lack of trust. Although we talked about it and made up just fine I don’t know whether I am ever going to trust her or anyone for that sake.

Finally when I though I was going to rest peacefully, I had to go through my matric again while I was helping some learners during their winter school. It was a good thing but I was over my passion to high school stuff.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exeperience To Repitation Issues (Same Mistake)

Sometimes bad things happen to us but we cant seem to lean to cope and be ready for similar situation. even good things can pass us while were are unaware of it, but still we just don't prepare for next time, lets all be careful about all the things happening around us.

My Loss Of  Memory Stick Before Deadline 

This is an unusual kind of situation but I just didn't learn, here is what happened before recces I had my Flash Drive (Memory Stick) which I was using for almost three years by then, I was using it for my practical computer science work but until when I lost it before I was supposed to write practical exam in, I left it in the computer lab and it was gone and i had to borrow from somebody for the exam.
The same thing happened a month later and this time I was supposed to submit my assignment in it, the same thing happens three days before submission; I left it in the lab again! God I must be stupid, oh well now I'm trying to finding a way to keep track of every situation.
Silly me!

Fall For That Type. 

I also know which kind of a girl my girlfriends will be, but for some reasons the same things I always run away from always seems to occur in every girl I date. I guess I'll never learn, they say the first love is the sweetest but the first cut is the deepest. So how do I start afresh?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silent Powerful Intelligence in the Shadow

It has always mysterious to people on how one in a non-favorable conditions manage to achieve a lot from just a twitch of effort on them. The thing I am talking about started when I was still in my primary years, at time when I had very few people to rely on or maybe just did not want to rely on anyone, but as like that I always performed well at school without and even on the streets of course. It bored me all the time then was very close interaction; it seemed to get in the way of everything I stand for as an individual and the maximum of my abilities.

University, university is extra different compared to my past, here the main rule is “adapt or die” I got to say if you work alone, you will not make it through your studies. Something that just makes me wonder a lot is the fact that since I have been here, I did not work hand in hand with any group and I have been performing averagely and it remained in my mind that what if I had a group would it have increased my knowledge and the answer is Yes! For the couple weeks before exams I have engaged with some guys so we could practice thing together and as result it boosted my morality.

The heading of this blog was about me, me making great achievements without  any major help but since for sometimes I watched my sprit gradually decreasing and I did nothing about it, that amazing skills I had dying. My energy becoming weak, week by week. My motive being washed away by all the sadness. My achievements becoming trash on my face.

I would die if I let my life die before my eyes, and I can never let anything stand in May way, disturbing my goals. My dreams may be more but I am going to struggle for the best, let every aspect of me succeed in every way. I will not let my name to be in the middle of other names. That is why I did not sleep until I find a new skill in me everyday. Shining my shoes and making a big change in my life. Let all who believe in me be priced with honor and those who under-estimate me respect my abilities. I have released my Silent Powerful Intelligence in the shadow.