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Friday, August 20, 2010

Presure as Major

I always though that the previous semester was the worst and that this second one will be less since I will have enough experience. Time is almost totally absorbed than last semester.

What I mean is that if you evaluate my courses, all requires time understand and all requires practice. In addition to everything the tests, the assignments and also the quizzes. For example in statistics you have to write a test almost about every week, plus tutorials every week. Computer Science has two parts programming and theory, both act independently since in programming they might be quiz/homework in addition tutorial and practical sessions weekly and an assignment which all acts in the same level of work, theory usually deals class tests/quizzes. Math and applied math are entitled to tutorials, quizzes, tests and practice.

So you could imagine if you were in my shoes, what if an addition comes in the way?  I guess it will have to pay off when I am working.

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