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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Missing Puzzle

As much as I can reflect the bright smile on my face but with acts in my aim. No matter how many friends I have around me, beside the slow brewed glory and fame. I could do anything to feel the flame.I would do anything I can to kill the pain.Always when I walk around I hear a deep voice saying “boy you have a problem, and you aren’t fooling no one but yourself, although you have some other problems but with this one you aren’t killing anyone but yourself”.

I told her Pheli if you ever do that again I don’t ever want to see you anymore.  Yes I am in love with them but I can’t be with them tomorrow or very soon, so I walk over trying to chill myself and get a couple of stew starts, but the result is just negative. I can say I want to be with them but I can’t be with ‘em all, as some may disregard my presents. Does my properties matters?

I’m trying to do it all right, I got plans but everything should go as right as it can. I got certain that it will last for life but only if it happens and as it stands. I am trying to shoot down my blinds, before it hurts. Is it just the raging though of life, I mean success?

The mass of the fact is loneliness.  You see to me is normal to have that what we call “relationship problems”, as much as I put myself on the line something’s just happens as their designated record time. I should feel packed with a lot of homies around but instead it is extra less. I so high, then I go down. I meet a lot of beauty questions as they remain, are they meant for my pleasure or torture. This is something I know but now I don’t know. Every time I find myself in that situation, I feel like could pause and play some old records again. So how do I move from  A to B, beside I have changed to soft, well that’s what my  closest friend tells me, but maybe in time, I’d finally fill the fragmented piece of the puzzle, Mara gona bjale I have a missing link in my position.

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