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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Taste

Colour your opinion, she bout to paint the point
Dry my patience, rescue mind front its fond
Release the disguise, reveal you in no oint
Pause it, put make up to the entire scene
I’m beneath the blanket, hopin’ you prepared the medicine
We both cloud 9’n, allow me to witness what I’ve seen
Lemme temper the template of your temple to raise the temperature, swear ma hands clean no sin
I be all in uniform so inform me informally in any form I’ll learn
No need to connect far,  keep the bedwork to our selves like LAN
Babe we living the-dream like we Nivea and Christina millan
Pour in some of that expensive taste, the Italian
The feeling ain’t gon be familiar, neither local its alien
I’ma pull you the real me ain’t gotta fear me at all
Direct hit movie experience, imagine the premier

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pure Dream

I smoked stress, damn killed my lust
Dope switched ma weight for reality
Appetite for new me burst like fluid at climax
taste life in a spoon of fame, the pool of games
it ain't what i ate but what i made
jealousy filled my heart for levels they gon' get paid
ma knowledge of potential struggles until shame fades
Get inspired or get expired
aspiration is boosts for your ambition
world where dreams can be roasted from delusion
til now i never learn to shout what i desire
dear lord reply ma soul as it inquire
I'm so keen body food for ma entire
hunger enforces a man to desperately fight with fire

Monday, May 14, 2012

Trouble At Home

here, have a say.

A call rings "chelist your brother in trouble".
Out of all usual issues, why legal trouble?
I swear if i could cancel, I’d really do it double.
Override the entire upcoming still to get faced
yesterday the girl I have crush for, said boyfriend arrested
relieved but at a side sad her emotions adjusted
in console I said shit happens, shit came home unexpected
I’ll defend my little man just hate gaining record.
Always believed I’ll make it in record time fluctuations fades hopes.
Paps looked and taught nothing, I learnt void from it
that occurred because I never knew the nigga
he never appeared when i didn't need the nigga
they say long gone but obviously that’s a ninja
wish I break it, irrelevantly I did spoke late
I frequently feel that interests are all made baits
so forgive for when I return not using the gate
say something, remind me June back (2010)
critically scared as she cried hurt in the back
I sworn, I blamed him for heredity pack
unless come clean its all gene fault
never praise raising a hand though my blood is bold
thickened from past hate that I kept in hold
that thought of making it filled heart ready to be sold
oh god let not prison mix with reputation
a bright start end with dark amputation
Certainly blood sacrifice won't hand him life ammunition
should I let rain pour while I’m still building a ark?
Sometime later as we dig we'll reach the core yolk
trouble also heavily affects the big town york
hate all extra times I waste working backwards
knowing the paint colour is red in the background
talent isn't enough wisely I was told
sorry, is my future that I’m currently try'na mould.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Druged Pleasure

Influence can lead to discovery....

The devil's drive is over
Faded in deep ecstasy high till she slept over
Designed the dream soon heavily fell colder
The room shaded with odour that match her terrified look as she turn sober
A naughty stranger for a prey, innocent pre-sellin’ her soul
With teases to unleash silver ink home
Hell broke loose as we crossed over to the zone
Tool radar indicated that hot spot the same i used as hole
Yelled harder, so bumped rougher neglectin’ the pace like ex con
No cover, she pissed wouldn’t feed shit as she got piped
So pined as possible reality visits lady wonder
Eyes red pondering the next move moulder
Funny the name didn't sink so then she screamed nigga, nigga
Echoing music to accelerate, it got furious with seed egger
Seem bold dirty don’t guess the stick stink finga
Maybe visa else so versa
Hide the C book, strict clean judge disgrace from your situation
You claimed wild, actual bad happen baby no simulation
Regretted pleasure filled her lost found mood
She forced the fake smile so smooth
Then named me the official dean whose so hood
So king I’ll rule the pussy maybe for good
Soak in; add taste that’s coke powder
So keen, row spill Flow River then grow flower
Suck off all deeds, ticket left no power
Intoxicate with fame all seem blur memo
brak weak but I made the scenes with that emo
Genital geographical animation like animal
Denial, certain she'll crave any more

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life Stages

Let’s go where life want to take you as long as your instincts directs you there as well.

I know this life is hard to live right
That’s why everyday I still fight
This stage is when I device a huge fright
Although I’m cashless right now, I’m here to compete
26 letters, plan till there’s food for everyone to eat
Being me is in me like I’m one blood complete
Test me for I ain’t a fraud persona
I never enforced anyone to consider me bright personally
It’s just so gruelling to conclude not convinced
I sweated every phase that I ever reached
At first I felt different then had to embrace it
Started just as an negligible nerd till I raised me
The next will be me out there living it all at one
A nigga could only be granted one life
I’m 21, at this age I’m also thinking about a wife
Days are too short to delay till you fully beard and grey
Hate or love each determines progress
It’s so significantly fluttering though you ain’t saying congrats
Some say, same shit, hey it’s just boring
Flourished in a style that makes other rain on ‘em like pouring
Routine routes that distinct me foreign
Keep hollering, that’s all I need to get my stages going

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lost Love

This is dedicated to the love of my heart, for i being far and lacking communication with her kills her deep inside.

I hate my life right now, how can I convince you, my love?
Me missing you is a trauma but i hope you ain't doing any drama.
Patience, believing if we survive this we would be fine forever.
Wonder never, if ever would we settle to family ever
Because you'd always be the one through varied fever
All problem life throw at us with love they are resolvable
We isolated by ferocity distance that’s why we divisible
You may think I’m enjoying, wish I did too but without you true joy become so impossible.
Dammed lady understand that I fucken miss the hell out of you like crazy.
Not calling doesn't mean I don’t care, I just don't have.
I know what I said on April fool appeared kinda real
Hope it ain’t responsible for your respond to be rare
Turn to be selfish at times, but sometimes i do learn
Call me stupid but I’m still the same stupid you felt for and did love.
Like I you're lost, not to worry my heart will find your love.
Sitting in this box, I’m praying it’s not too late
I desire not to witness when the perfect two fade.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Of The Worst

 I know what you're thinking..... I am not really having grudges agains anyone but i simulated for you.

Stubbed in the back but with time I healed quicker 
Instead of struggling to get back I'm getting better
Amazing how we manage this far together without a speaker
But the graph shows some uncertainty towards me since
They both independent on each but ain't on me for an inch
No offense to the ex & why, but this sparks a sense of hilarity in essence
Boy u scared she could still, got you wonderin' about a fence
I guess you should consider
Like if i put 5 bricks, 4 you blow 3 and put two
Would it make the wall mine or yours if it was to be owned by one?
I'd hate to be her, suppose is a dilemma that ain't won
Forgive for I did not alert, the damn battle is still on
So let’s act to our mutual like is all okay
Let’s not talk about chicks like there’s no pain
Let’s let her confused, like is sort of a game
Let’s, let’s, let’s just fuck each G.O.X like there’s not rule to obey
In the end we just gotta face the joker card
I hope I'm wining when I see you two losing some parts
Sluts get it that even if we reunite won’t be similar to before you broke hearts.
Hope you still remember that annoying message about sex king
Hope you clearly recall what I said about our end and kill
I never understood how the fuck a lady takes short term assets as keen
But for all I care now you both could take yo honeymoon to hell.
Yeah it’s a long story but to us is still so memorable
Aren't you ashamed nigga, your selfishness is undeniable
I did you favour but for me you made it unfavourable
That was the last time I'll kick start an idiot scavenger
I won’t let a bitch ruin me by unnecessary anger
Never, now judge me and say never too
And bitch don't you dare ask me if I ever want revenge
To hell I said that now you can kiss my dick to full range
Hoe you're the worst best girl I ever had
And dick you're the best worst friend I ever had

Good Girl Gone Bad

When I met her she was still new to the place, I was the first guy to her, she was so innocent, and I was so hoping a lot, she was so nice and perfect if that is the word. We spend precious time, memorable moments that now feels like it was just a dream. She talked about church, the lord and being decent to others. We made promises even if I knew promises always get broken somehow, but at that time it felt so real and guaranteed.

Somehow I felt so insecure about her room mate, the one who was giving me an eye wink when she was looking a way. She seemed so wild, egomaniac and obsessed with herself. I thought she was just being jealous but it was something more than that, she was evil if that’s suits her.

Well I ignored everything like it’s just an ordinary life, but I was not aware of what was happening. She invited all sort of guys and friends who were mainly eccentric in a way. As work stole my time away from her, another work was applied in her head. I started to feel the gap between us growing so mysteriously, well she rejected my calls and my visits. Till the day I went unannounced only to find her with a male friend and she looked so sorry that it granted her my forgiveness over everything but it did not change anything. After that experience I did another of those surprise visit, this time finding her with a homo-looking lady friend who smoked in her room, using her matches (which she had I don’t know for what reason). She treated me like I don't exist until left the room as frustrated and pissed as I was. After months I tried calling her but she chewed my head on the phoned, annoyed I dropped the stupid call. Couple of month later I came across her wearing scary snoop make over, she walked those styles you know those you usually see self-high classed girls walking by.

Now after a year we met closely, funny thing is that it was in another guy's room and he didn't know me & her girlfriend know each other. The guy left us alone in the room when he going to the bathroom, then I got a chance to take a good look at her. Her face was if she use mortuary puffs, her smell was of feminine typical but not typical of her, her eyes were deeper and darker, her clothes were nothing like anything I ever thought she could ever wear. Her voice was still toned as soft as it used to be but her words and her vocal were contaminated than I could ever imagine of her. that’s when I realized I don’t know the women next to me, she is not the same lady I fell for, there is nothing that I admire about her reflection. I mean yeah I like those snoop looking bitches, but I love them because I know nothing about how they used to be and their much better being. Although she looked more embarrassed of the situation at that moment, she gave me those visuals like she is trying to prove a certain point to everyone. I never said a word to her but in my mind questions were flowing endlessly, questions like is she aware of who she became? Does she present her self in this way at home, to her parent, old friends or it’s only a campus thing? Is she possessed with some kind of evil spirit, a devil worshiper of some sort? Is this what her previous room mate did to her or is it what she made her self? Is she focus on her future with books or that’s her future she’s living? The guy came back and I made up an excuse to leave him together with the creature.

Normally I should be upset with how we ended but I am not, I really feel so sorry and disappointed for what she has became and hope she somehow find god immediately to revive her soul.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Change

This lines were one one my experimental line, how i wish you could actually hear this. 
anyway drop some comments below.

That krypton, to that chi-town, that fly shit in ma uptown.
I'm living it, I'm saving it, handle it like on my laptop.
Who’s getting it, who’s feeling it, who sharin my blood top.
I've done it, I've killed it, now tell me who’s level to compete with.
Tell me who gave you that obligation to fuck with me bitch.
Me have overnight success compared to ‘em hoe witch.
I eat ‘em y'all niggas such as my last sandwich.
Shit glowin’ now, shit blowing down, she said she’s living the life now.
I ain't fallin’ for that, yeah girl not ever not now, uh.
‘Em Sissy niggas fuck with me, but i ain't blaming ‘em cos that's closest they ever get to plain foul.
They ain't gettin it please Prof De Layed, please teach em mo.
I don't sporticulate in any way but man i really ball.
In the game we bout to excrete em, like its abortion.
Success, we get it in different sizes call it unfair apportion.
Smear all ‘em faces with a hot surprise lotion.
Fetch boy, get this cash quick, light motion.
Get the taste of this life, could've sworn its custard.
Since I’m feeling so big now, I’m growing mustache.
Fake niggas a holding it down, like some froze mustard.
Just wait till the sun comes out, they turn to bastards.
The routine suddenly flipped aside, accept this new shit over here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Estranged Peace

Ofcourse it was an enviromental influenced track, i see the things that are bad too... and this is what i came up with. say something

I will keep fightin'
you know i keep hustling
i aint no angel, i aint got halo
takes an ordinary nigga to realise ordinary struggle
leaders keep the fraud
and the peace become fragile
the moments we charish, usual ends up fatal
i feel like all cats should be labelled sympathetic, parasitic or mutual
cause enemies keep waiting, for that revenge moment to grap
homie keep talking, but we know thats crap
i aint talking hate, nowadays the love is gap
pleasure is rare, not everyday you hear the gasp
we all tryin'a live, survival of the fittest is all you get
drive me insane and i'll drive you to hell
devil busy pullin' and lord is there to bless
nation so polluted, they all admit the blame
why accept if you aint extingushing the flame
they all work-up over money and fame
looking in the back view, life looks like a game
speaking global, none of seemed friendly
land so wealthy but the kids so hungry
why fight power on people by making them mo angry
dealth ends everything, for a bully that seem angry
i wish we can make priests presidents, well they'll think politic and play violent
nothing is actually perfect, i guess they just bio-brand
look how we come from nothing to something then back again
decently speakin every individually is pushing for the gain
every step we ever take is like planting grains
maybe this world is another planet's hell by the pain
multiple fields of industries, all brough civilization and side effects
vodoo magic peeps why you messing up my reflects
it didnt just happen over night, consipiration depends
my bigges wish at the moment is if the enviroment could go to reset.
The outcome burns on to be shit
there is not much of a point to highlight on an empty sheet

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emotional Drift

 I know you love this more than i do, i even thought this is my weakest lyrics but hey i did write it didn't i?

Dina, Dina the love of my heart
Spend some of our lives, that is themed like art
Believed it to be special but turned to be fart
Decision, Decision so what you gonna opt
I paid lot attention to u still indebt
You only show what pleases your friends, where’s your true feelings kept?
If hard trying isn’t enough then honey what should be done
Moving in constant , cats & rats like fun
Volatile minded-girl, fades with the sun
Love everything about your features, only hate the acts
You highlight the fake, temme how will I paint it with facts
If delivering love was like mail, baby use the fax
Can’t read your clues, maybe if it was in text
Those hints are never coherent
May think I’m a fool but full of comebacks
Now all we have special, are snapbacks
Oh my love, i wish we could go back
I hate this emotional drift

Friday, February 3, 2012

The One In Fact

 yeah it does mean shit, i know i know this some shit i like a lot too....

Bitches ask how u do, how u feel in this new stich
Doing good, feeling hood in this shit bitch
Same niggas, some of them fell for this bullshit
wachu doing, how u roll, why flipping papers like it don mean shit
Keep us thrilled, keep it real, keep it realer than the rest of shit
What would you do if you had that fame & all the lights?
Would u stick to the flows & rip it tight?
Would u yield so huge, wen hater fight?
Have your name cleared up wen the night is darker
Get better if the press write u sucker
Always back yourself up to this mothafuckers
Then they ask do you think u deserve to be here
Wouldn’t be, if i shouldn't be, suppose i didn’t be
Then who else would build game, amuse the fans and tell it beautifully
The game become rougher when u include the bully
Then you'd truly discover the dully u recover there be on u fully with no cover
Since you ain’t got idea on how real this become
Then you'd be intrigued what’s going down in ma dome
World of law and kings the feeling of Rome
Working restlessly on sleepless nights just to own the throne
The greatest young star in a flesh
When this is over you'd say I’m the chosen in fact.