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Friday, May 4, 2012

Druged Pleasure

Influence can lead to discovery....

The devil's drive is over
Faded in deep ecstasy high till she slept over
Designed the dream soon heavily fell colder
The room shaded with odour that match her terrified look as she turn sober
A naughty stranger for a prey, innocent pre-sellin’ her soul
With teases to unleash silver ink home
Hell broke loose as we crossed over to the zone
Tool radar indicated that hot spot the same i used as hole
Yelled harder, so bumped rougher neglectin’ the pace like ex con
No cover, she pissed wouldn’t feed shit as she got piped
So pined as possible reality visits lady wonder
Eyes red pondering the next move moulder
Funny the name didn't sink so then she screamed nigga, nigga
Echoing music to accelerate, it got furious with seed egger
Seem bold dirty don’t guess the stick stink finga
Maybe visa else so versa
Hide the C book, strict clean judge disgrace from your situation
You claimed wild, actual bad happen baby no simulation
Regretted pleasure filled her lost found mood
She forced the fake smile so smooth
Then named me the official dean whose so hood
So king I’ll rule the pussy maybe for good
Soak in; add taste that’s coke powder
So keen, row spill Flow River then grow flower
Suck off all deeds, ticket left no power
Intoxicate with fame all seem blur memo
brak weak but I made the scenes with that emo
Genital geographical animation like animal
Denial, certain she'll crave any more

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