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Monday, May 14, 2012

Trouble At Home

here, have a say.

A call rings "chelist your brother in trouble".
Out of all usual issues, why legal trouble?
I swear if i could cancel, I’d really do it double.
Override the entire upcoming still to get faced
yesterday the girl I have crush for, said boyfriend arrested
relieved but at a side sad her emotions adjusted
in console I said shit happens, shit came home unexpected
I’ll defend my little man just hate gaining record.
Always believed I’ll make it in record time fluctuations fades hopes.
Paps looked and taught nothing, I learnt void from it
that occurred because I never knew the nigga
he never appeared when i didn't need the nigga
they say long gone but obviously that’s a ninja
wish I break it, irrelevantly I did spoke late
I frequently feel that interests are all made baits
so forgive for when I return not using the gate
say something, remind me June back (2010)
critically scared as she cried hurt in the back
I sworn, I blamed him for heredity pack
unless come clean its all gene fault
never praise raising a hand though my blood is bold
thickened from past hate that I kept in hold
that thought of making it filled heart ready to be sold
oh god let not prison mix with reputation
a bright start end with dark amputation
Certainly blood sacrifice won't hand him life ammunition
should I let rain pour while I’m still building a ark?
Sometime later as we dig we'll reach the core yolk
trouble also heavily affects the big town york
hate all extra times I waste working backwards
knowing the paint colour is red in the background
talent isn't enough wisely I was told
sorry, is my future that I’m currently try'na mould.

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