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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exeperience To Repitation Issues (Same Mistake)

Sometimes bad things happen to us but we cant seem to lean to cope and be ready for similar situation. even good things can pass us while were are unaware of it, but still we just don't prepare for next time, lets all be careful about all the things happening around us.

My Loss Of  Memory Stick Before Deadline 

This is an unusual kind of situation but I just didn't learn, here is what happened before recces I had my Flash Drive (Memory Stick) which I was using for almost three years by then, I was using it for my practical computer science work but until when I lost it before I was supposed to write practical exam in, I left it in the computer lab and it was gone and i had to borrow from somebody for the exam.
The same thing happened a month later and this time I was supposed to submit my assignment in it, the same thing happens three days before submission; I left it in the lab again! God I must be stupid, oh well now I'm trying to finding a way to keep track of every situation.
Silly me!

Fall For That Type. 

I also know which kind of a girl my girlfriends will be, but for some reasons the same things I always run away from always seems to occur in every girl I date. I guess I'll never learn, they say the first love is the sweetest but the first cut is the deepest. So how do I start afresh?