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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impression Tricks (Gain Attention)

This is just something in life which I was made aware by my friend today; do you sometimes makes sacrifices just to impress someone you feel is special? Before I come to stories let me tell you my friend’s story, I was sitting at his room today and he was holding his last R5 saying he want bye airtime but wants it to grow a bit, minutes later 3 beautiful girls came in selling sweets (lollipops) and the guy popped out the R5 and bought 2 sweets (what a waste).

A lot of people have their style or tricks to impress, I know I do. Earlier this week I was seating in the computer lab and this beautiful chick came and seat next to me and fortunately for me she had problems with logging in and that was my chance I quickly helped in my advantage, now I think she like me. I guess it worked but it always did work and I just told you my swagger.

Behind this topic there is a lot in it and some people looses money and some becomes show offs because of that, I guess that Is just the way it is.

Free But Not Free

This is my way of comparing between livings on campus or boarding and living home with family. You may realize that they are way different lives you live between those two places but can you spot your faults in links.

Firstly I would like to speak about my biggest enemy “sleeping”, although home was cold I always slept late when I was there the previous recess but here  I sleep early like a chicken, while I am waking up late just like home J.

Another is in consent of working; by working I refer to either studying or pulling up some heavy or dirty things all day long. When I am boarding I always wish to go home so that I could rest, only to find a different type of work. I mean I was supposed to cook everyday and clean the whole big house not to mention cutting trees and ripping off weeds. That I just some of the thing I have to.

Free but not free” although on boarding you have freedom and independence, you also have responsibility. You do what you like when you like to but at some point you feel locked and caged by your self. At the other hand the free you get when home aren’t the free that is called free but you get to  smell indigenous smells and don’t do anything sometimes because you know someone else will do it.
Even if you are restrict under parental control, you feel safe but that does not last; wait until that home boredom hunts you down.

Last but not least is communistic crises, I mean here there is no neighbors that are always on your situation but there is your room mate or floor mate who don’t care about what you do. To me it sometimes seems unfair when I play the music I like but having others to listen to it, having lots of friends around when someone doesn’t have any at that moment. I guess that is life and is part of growing up. Word of advise to everyone this is survival of the fittest so adapt or die, how G. Mendel and PW Potters proposed it. L

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All in All For Me (2010)

This year has been very hectic with all the world cup and me first year at university, campus life ruling on me I have to say it “it been very hectic”. I guess there a lot to say about, I mean with all the experiences I had the things I have learned so far.

First of I would like to talk about fear or you can call it anxiety, the previous semester was quiet stressing to me, regardless of me losing weight but I got to say I developed a whole new soft me. The thing in that time was trying to balance my time and duties, but with my performances I grew fearful over failing, is just that I never failed and I was just scared of experiencing that. Luckily everything ended fine, I got over that stage and I managed to pass all my courses.

World cup and Holidays at Home! It was kind of nice staying away from classes and not having to crack your self daily but I did not really enjoy home. Although I was always with my girlfriend, always not having to worry about buying, I was just not fun. Bafana played really well but ended with disappointments, I mean having a record of being the first hosting country that did not reach the second round. Another thing was home sick, I got to say I was never really healthy when I was but I was gaining weight. couple of time I went to the clinic, first was the fever as a result of weather change, my home is closer to Phalaborwa which has a hectic weather condition, secondly was my leg which had an injury for quiet some time.

Personally having to experience a disrespectful cheat by girl, which almost made me to do something I fear the most (beat a girl), and also provoke my lack of trust. Although we talked about it and made up just fine I don’t know whether I am ever going to trust her or anyone for that sake.

Finally when I though I was going to rest peacefully, I had to go through my matric again while I was helping some learners during their winter school. It was a good thing but I was over my passion to high school stuff.