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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impression Tricks (Gain Attention)

This is just something in life which I was made aware by my friend today; do you sometimes makes sacrifices just to impress someone you feel is special? Before I come to stories let me tell you my friend’s story, I was sitting at his room today and he was holding his last R5 saying he want bye airtime but wants it to grow a bit, minutes later 3 beautiful girls came in selling sweets (lollipops) and the guy popped out the R5 and bought 2 sweets (what a waste).

A lot of people have their style or tricks to impress, I know I do. Earlier this week I was seating in the computer lab and this beautiful chick came and seat next to me and fortunately for me she had problems with logging in and that was my chance I quickly helped in my advantage, now I think she like me. I guess it worked but it always did work and I just told you my swagger.

Behind this topic there is a lot in it and some people looses money and some becomes show offs because of that, I guess that Is just the way it is.

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