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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shine Like The Stars

I Wrote This For You, Read It and Have A Peace Of Mind. It's Worth it.

Life, life is enormously slow and short or conversely fast and long.
It spins around like the planets we all live on.
It’s full of happiness and sadness; love and hatred.
Doubts and wonders are our daily objectives.
Meantime the truth remains hidden beneath shadows.

Challenges and experiences create step-forward progress to the days of our lives.
Days are gracefully given and unexpectedly withdrawn.
It’s amazing, how we arise and frigtening how we end.
Still is right to expect the worse while hoping and praying for the best.

There is a greater destination to our existence
That explains the vision we imagine.
How the flexibility of our minds fluctuate.
Every day we discover new opportunities
But change our indigenous habitant.
Therefore enforcing survival of the fittest to occur.

All the frustration and confusion we approach as human species.
The secret to our success is to never surrendering to our worse fears
But consider and cope with the current conditions.
Appreciating all the special moments we cherish the most.
Mainly explore, acquire and learn your own unique roles of life.

Take time and effort to learn in order to achieve and survive in this cumbersome world.
Shine like the stars, and then spread out wide like the universe.

Argun Chelist.