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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life Stages

Let’s go where life want to take you as long as your instincts directs you there as well.

I know this life is hard to live right
That’s why everyday I still fight
This stage is when I device a huge fright
Although I’m cashless right now, I’m here to compete
26 letters, plan till there’s food for everyone to eat
Being me is in me like I’m one blood complete
Test me for I ain’t a fraud persona
I never enforced anyone to consider me bright personally
It’s just so gruelling to conclude not convinced
I sweated every phase that I ever reached
At first I felt different then had to embrace it
Started just as an negligible nerd till I raised me
The next will be me out there living it all at one
A nigga could only be granted one life
I’m 21, at this age I’m also thinking about a wife
Days are too short to delay till you fully beard and grey
Hate or love each determines progress
It’s so significantly fluttering though you ain’t saying congrats
Some say, same shit, hey it’s just boring
Flourished in a style that makes other rain on ‘em like pouring
Routine routes that distinct me foreign
Keep hollering, that’s all I need to get my stages going

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