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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lost Love

This is dedicated to the love of my heart, for i being far and lacking communication with her kills her deep inside.

I hate my life right now, how can I convince you, my love?
Me missing you is a trauma but i hope you ain't doing any drama.
Patience, believing if we survive this we would be fine forever.
Wonder never, if ever would we settle to family ever
Because you'd always be the one through varied fever
All problem life throw at us with love they are resolvable
We isolated by ferocity distance that’s why we divisible
You may think I’m enjoying, wish I did too but without you true joy become so impossible.
Dammed lady understand that I fucken miss the hell out of you like crazy.
Not calling doesn't mean I don’t care, I just don't have.
I know what I said on April fool appeared kinda real
Hope it ain’t responsible for your respond to be rare
Turn to be selfish at times, but sometimes i do learn
Call me stupid but I’m still the same stupid you felt for and did love.
Like I you're lost, not to worry my heart will find your love.
Sitting in this box, I’m praying it’s not too late
I desire not to witness when the perfect two fade.

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