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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Of The Worst

 I know what you're thinking..... I am not really having grudges agains anyone but i simulated for you.

Stubbed in the back but with time I healed quicker 
Instead of struggling to get back I'm getting better
Amazing how we manage this far together without a speaker
But the graph shows some uncertainty towards me since
They both independent on each but ain't on me for an inch
No offense to the ex & why, but this sparks a sense of hilarity in essence
Boy u scared she could still, got you wonderin' about a fence
I guess you should consider
Like if i put 5 bricks, 4 you blow 3 and put two
Would it make the wall mine or yours if it was to be owned by one?
I'd hate to be her, suppose is a dilemma that ain't won
Forgive for I did not alert, the damn battle is still on
So let’s act to our mutual like is all okay
Let’s not talk about chicks like there’s no pain
Let’s let her confused, like is sort of a game
Let’s, let’s, let’s just fuck each G.O.X like there’s not rule to obey
In the end we just gotta face the joker card
I hope I'm wining when I see you two losing some parts
Sluts get it that even if we reunite won’t be similar to before you broke hearts.
Hope you still remember that annoying message about sex king
Hope you clearly recall what I said about our end and kill
I never understood how the fuck a lady takes short term assets as keen
But for all I care now you both could take yo honeymoon to hell.
Yeah it’s a long story but to us is still so memorable
Aren't you ashamed nigga, your selfishness is undeniable
I did you favour but for me you made it unfavourable
That was the last time I'll kick start an idiot scavenger
I won’t let a bitch ruin me by unnecessary anger
Never, now judge me and say never too
And bitch don't you dare ask me if I ever want revenge
To hell I said that now you can kiss my dick to full range
Hoe you're the worst best girl I ever had
And dick you're the best worst friend I ever had

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