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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Taste

Colour your opinion, she bout to paint the point
Dry my patience, rescue mind front its fond
Release the disguise, reveal you in no oint
Pause it, put make up to the entire scene
I’m beneath the blanket, hopin’ you prepared the medicine
We both cloud 9’n, allow me to witness what I’ve seen
Lemme temper the template of your temple to raise the temperature, swear ma hands clean no sin
I be all in uniform so inform me informally in any form I’ll learn
No need to connect far,  keep the bedwork to our selves like LAN
Babe we living the-dream like we Nivea and Christina millan
Pour in some of that expensive taste, the Italian
The feeling ain’t gon be familiar, neither local its alien
I’ma pull you the real me ain’t gotta fear me at all
Direct hit movie experience, imagine the premier

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