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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emotional Drift

 I know you love this more than i do, i even thought this is my weakest lyrics but hey i did write it didn't i?

Dina, Dina the love of my heart
Spend some of our lives, that is themed like art
Believed it to be special but turned to be fart
Decision, Decision so what you gonna opt
I paid lot attention to u still indebt
You only show what pleases your friends, where’s your true feelings kept?
If hard trying isn’t enough then honey what should be done
Moving in constant , cats & rats like fun
Volatile minded-girl, fades with the sun
Love everything about your features, only hate the acts
You highlight the fake, temme how will I paint it with facts
If delivering love was like mail, baby use the fax
Can’t read your clues, maybe if it was in text
Those hints are never coherent
May think I’m a fool but full of comebacks
Now all we have special, are snapbacks
Oh my love, i wish we could go back
I hate this emotional drift

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