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Friday, February 3, 2012

The One In Fact

 yeah it does mean shit, i know i know this some shit i like a lot too....

Bitches ask how u do, how u feel in this new stich
Doing good, feeling hood in this shit bitch
Same niggas, some of them fell for this bullshit
wachu doing, how u roll, why flipping papers like it don mean shit
Keep us thrilled, keep it real, keep it realer than the rest of shit
What would you do if you had that fame & all the lights?
Would u stick to the flows & rip it tight?
Would u yield so huge, wen hater fight?
Have your name cleared up wen the night is darker
Get better if the press write u sucker
Always back yourself up to this mothafuckers
Then they ask do you think u deserve to be here
Wouldn’t be, if i shouldn't be, suppose i didn’t be
Then who else would build game, amuse the fans and tell it beautifully
The game become rougher when u include the bully
Then you'd truly discover the dully u recover there be on u fully with no cover
Since you ain’t got idea on how real this become
Then you'd be intrigued what’s going down in ma dome
World of law and kings the feeling of Rome
Working restlessly on sleepless nights just to own the throne
The greatest young star in a flesh
When this is over you'd say I’m the chosen in fact.

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