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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Estranged Peace

Ofcourse it was an enviromental influenced track, i see the things that are bad too... and this is what i came up with. say something

I will keep fightin'
you know i keep hustling
i aint no angel, i aint got halo
takes an ordinary nigga to realise ordinary struggle
leaders keep the fraud
and the peace become fragile
the moments we charish, usual ends up fatal
i feel like all cats should be labelled sympathetic, parasitic or mutual
cause enemies keep waiting, for that revenge moment to grap
homie keep talking, but we know thats crap
i aint talking hate, nowadays the love is gap
pleasure is rare, not everyday you hear the gasp
we all tryin'a live, survival of the fittest is all you get
drive me insane and i'll drive you to hell
devil busy pullin' and lord is there to bless
nation so polluted, they all admit the blame
why accept if you aint extingushing the flame
they all work-up over money and fame
looking in the back view, life looks like a game
speaking global, none of seemed friendly
land so wealthy but the kids so hungry
why fight power on people by making them mo angry
dealth ends everything, for a bully that seem angry
i wish we can make priests presidents, well they'll think politic and play violent
nothing is actually perfect, i guess they just bio-brand
look how we come from nothing to something then back again
decently speakin every individually is pushing for the gain
every step we ever take is like planting grains
maybe this world is another planet's hell by the pain
multiple fields of industries, all brough civilization and side effects
vodoo magic peeps why you messing up my reflects
it didnt just happen over night, consipiration depends
my bigges wish at the moment is if the enviroment could go to reset.
The outcome burns on to be shit
there is not much of a point to highlight on an empty sheet

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