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Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Change

This lines were one one my experimental line, how i wish you could actually hear this. 
anyway drop some comments below.

That krypton, to that chi-town, that fly shit in ma uptown.
I'm living it, I'm saving it, handle it like on my laptop.
Who’s getting it, who’s feeling it, who sharin my blood top.
I've done it, I've killed it, now tell me who’s level to compete with.
Tell me who gave you that obligation to fuck with me bitch.
Me have overnight success compared to ‘em hoe witch.
I eat ‘em y'all niggas such as my last sandwich.
Shit glowin’ now, shit blowing down, she said she’s living the life now.
I ain't fallin’ for that, yeah girl not ever not now, uh.
‘Em Sissy niggas fuck with me, but i ain't blaming ‘em cos that's closest they ever get to plain foul.
They ain't gettin it please Prof De Layed, please teach em mo.
I don't sporticulate in any way but man i really ball.
In the game we bout to excrete em, like its abortion.
Success, we get it in different sizes call it unfair apportion.
Smear all ‘em faces with a hot surprise lotion.
Fetch boy, get this cash quick, light motion.
Get the taste of this life, could've sworn its custard.
Since I’m feeling so big now, I’m growing mustache.
Fake niggas a holding it down, like some froze mustard.
Just wait till the sun comes out, they turn to bastards.
The routine suddenly flipped aside, accept this new shit over here.

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