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Friday, October 1, 2010

Young Water.

Small Waters.
Some experiences in life just seem so threatening and so unreal at good times. I am sorry but I will not explicitly write everything here since this situation was highly exclusive to me only and i was planning to keep it to myself for as long as times like this do not come. The times I need to release what has been and will always stick in my mind, as an experience, a trauma, and a real lesson.

Previous year (2009) I had a couple of downs with certain parts of my life and when I started I just though it wouldn’t hurt me that much, to excise my abilities and my emotions with just what I called “Blue Print”. But as time goes it became a real situation in my dark closet. Although at last I wasn’t deeply involved in acting on the responsibilities and real decision as I wasn’t aware of everything until it was done for.

It started as just revenge for making me have that desperate keen for years and for part of life excitement. At first I use my biological knowledge (stupid Acts), in an attempt to dodge descending the real common of it, since we have known each other for a while but then I lost count of days and ended up over pleasuring for a child of that age. After everything and the pursuing I needed space to collect my focuses and also to move on (with what was best for me) but was unfortunate for her, since life was not fair, certainly no fair.

Few months later I was on going with my daily life schedules, relaxing in another chapter (if you know what I mean), then a rumor braked the news of the year to me. In addition to that it was no longer, by then I was surprised and devastated with lot of question left. Is it true? Could it be me? Can I? Did it happen? What could have? Even now I am still shocked but sometimes relieved about it. I guess life is once and there is no time for rehearsals. I lesson learned always be careful on the decision you make before you make it.

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