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Friday, June 10, 2011


Today Early at Around 2 pm I Was Walking On The Campus To My Room Alone, From A Friend's Room (Watching Movies). I Just Had This Weird Feeling Along The Way and It Just Got Into My Mind Of How Dangerous It Is Walking Off Camp and How It Can Also Get Walking Alone Even On Campus. Suddenly Was Thinking About That I Saw This Other Drunken Guy Walking (Don't Know From Where To Where), Tho He Was A Bit Far From He Greeted Me With A Scared Voice, Just Wondered  If All Past Stories I Heard About The Campus Stories Like Ghosts, Robbery, Assaults, Rape, Explicit Sex, Murder and More, Like What If I Become A Victim Of One Of Them? Well My Point Is That Walking Alone At Nights On Campus Is Certainly Not Convenient and Can Be Very Dangerous.

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