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Monday, August 26, 2013

Look Into Beauty

I behold the eyes that stares as she blooms her lovely lady lamps
My glooming feelings fills in adding up like sums
rumours says she is hot but she is on fire to me
blazing in love of a stolen glass to need
she too young to know but I’m too drunk to think
my grey matter filled with nothing but pink
if only I could share a peek of what’s beneath
looking clear at goddess model on earth
no rose too coloured, no pearls too bright
and certainly no sight too royal
she beauty sleeps on top of the triangle
and I am cursed to dream down a blue sky night of an angel
her silk caramel sugar skin closer to my pleasure
caught to her mesmerizing smile colour painting my future
romance to her life deep within the pillowed cloud nine
I could domesticate her into the entire existence of my life line
for the soft talk she makes always touches alive my faint heart
her passion too polite to knock on the doors of desire
it burns the walls of your tiny shack from ground till higher
with her infinite inch too perfect to lust
but she belongs aside the throne where her crown is lost