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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Embodied Party

Do you know one of those days when you're just going with everybody then end up being in front of them all? when i was just doing my freestyle to one of my homies' status on facebook then ended up writiing something I'm proud of. here read and throw your comments.

The route's clear and ma nigga I’m so flawn
Construction in da works, grass chopper peckerin' her lawn
Rude at what I do, think I deserve da virtue crown
Call me floppy nerd, but I party than your whole crew
Steal da show quick, ‘em nigas say I’m fame crock
Mixin' sum real purple shit, call me "lean" cook
Smok't ma crack all night in da deck pack
My night was bad, and da chick was black
How'd i get wasted, and then returned back?
All money teeth rot, blame ma swag plaque
I do this for my ville, you know its D.Ox
Leme be faded in da xo, you keep your detox
No longa shop, numba1 customer at da kiosk

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