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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kronic Wonder

This written verse was copied from my line while responding to lines of  Kagisho"Kronic" Shai  (of the D.OX Group)'s reply freestyle on his status on Facebook. This follows the previous post i posted earlier read the following and tell me what you think. 

Complement on ya rap, the shit expressive
I never expanded, guess it makes me impressive
I’m only a writer; I call da shit such as yours expensive
My space is flexible to any shape, highly defensive
I ball very hard, please officer charge ma for being offensive
Still spitin' da hottest breeze you could hardly defuse
Ain’t got work out ma swag, da shit is difficult to refuse
Ain’t gota crew, I bet we could explode if we fuse
Few years ago met with da black D.OX Kronic wonder himself, then had a plan
We talked about gangstarizm and how success is yet to come
He said hez known locally 4hiz debut release but made me mad and wana be
Now I’m dreamin’ higher than nigas’ at ma age cud ever be
If u ain’t got plans take all ya cash and invest in ma, coz later I ‘ma be at benefits.

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